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About Epyon Royal

Epyon Royal is Detroit's longest running streetwear clothing brand.

Designs initially began in 2005, but the brand didn't physically exist until 2008. Since then we've traveled the country on countless tours. ER has produced thousands of hours of content that have been viewed hundred of millions of times. Building a grassroots connection with our loyal customers locally at Eastern Market every single week since 2015! 

We mesh themes, stories and various visual elements of Detroit's past, with our on-the-nose 90's streetwear style and 80's Japanese graphic influences. Some come from anime, and other aesthetic influences comes from the mysteries of 1800s Detroit.

We are rooted in skateboarding. With many local conections and relationships dating back to 2003. (IFKYK) Our work ethic is evident in the execution and delivery of our product.

We are an early 2000's brand, existing in a modern watered down post 2020 era of apparel offerings. Connecting with our customers through an array of premium quality soft goods and graphic pairings.